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  - Paint Process Optimization

  - Paint System Audit

  - Paint System Specification

    a Paint Color Change Efficiency

    a Paint Shop Throughput

    a Paint Overspray Reduction

    a Paint Robot Integration

    a Paint Finish Quality

    a Paint System Troubleshooting

    a Painting System Automation

  - Paint Supply & Delivery Systems

    a Dead Head Paint Supply

    a Recirculating Paint Supply

    a Flexible Colors Paint Delivery

    a Piggable Paint Supply System

    a Self-Flushing Paint Systems

    a Oil Free Paint Supply

    a Paint Sheer Reduction

    a Spray Booth Waste Collection

  - RoboGuide PaintPro Simulation 

  - Paint Robot Program Conversion

  - ABB RobotStudio for Paint

  - 2 or 3K Paint Dispensing Systems





Since 2008, our customers have created over a thousand jobs in paint finishing, opened new facilities, expanded existing ones, and brought millions in production back to the USA.  Improved paint finishing operations have added greater than $300 million to their businesses.  The average NAPaint project ROI is less than 5 months.  Annual benefit can exceed tens of millions.












When adding, upgrading, or replacing paint robots, the migration of existing production robot programs is an important consideration.  It can be extremely costly and time consuming to redevelop production paint programs.  Parts may require resubmission for approvals.  Even if you are extremely dissatisfied with your current robot make, model, or system and more reliable and efficient systems and equipment are available in the marketplace, the migration of existing programming from one platform to another may be the deciding factor in any decision.




In facilities that have multiple paint booths that use different make and models of paint robots, program compatibility issues often prevent one booth from running the normal production of the other booth, even when this flexibility is very valuable, for example, when one booth is down or capacity becomes and issue.





NAPaint can seamlessly convert production programs to and from ABB, FANUC, Motoman, Staubli, Kawasaki, and CMA Robotics paint robots with any tool hardware or robot configuration.  Once converted from one robot to another, all paint application process parameters can be carried over to the target platform without change.  Painting speeds, applicator orientation and speed, head to target distance, overlaps, paint flow rates, air pressures, and high voltage levels will remain unchanged from the original process.  All I/O and network communication operations can usually use existing infrastructure.  System integration controls and software can be seamlessly applied. 


Give me a call to discuss . . . Joe @ (708) 663-8705.







Fanuc Paint Mate 200iA - Dispensing, Painting Automation. R30iA Controller
Fanuc Paint Mate 200iA/5L - Dispensing, Painting, Coating Automation. R-30iA Controller
Fanuc P-10, Fanuc P10 Door Opener, Painting Automation.
Fanuc P-15, Fanuc P15 Hood/Deck Opener, Painting Automation. 
Fanuc P-50, Fanuc P50, Fanuc P-50i, Fanuc P50i - Bonding, Sealing. Painting Automation. RJ3 Controller
Fanuc P-50iA, Fanuc P50iA, Fanuc P-50 iA - Dispensing, Painting, Coating Automation. RJ3iB Controller
Fanuc P-100, Fanuc P100 - Dispensing, Painting, Coat Automation. RJ Controller or RJ2 Controller
Fanuc P-120, Fanuc P120 Material Handling. R-J2 Controller or R-J3 Controller
Fanuc P-145, Fanuc P145 - Dispensing, Painting Automation. RJ2 Controller, RJ3 Controller, or R-J3iB Controller
Fanuc P-155, Fanuc P155 - Bonding, Sealing, Dispensing, Painting Automation. R-J Controller or RJ2 Controller
Fanuc P-200, Fanuc P200 - Bonder, Sealer. RJ2 Controller or RJ3 Controller
Fanuc P-200E, Fanuc P200E - Dispensing, Painting Automation. RJ3iB Controller
Fanuc P-200T, Fanuc P200T - Bonder, Sealer, Cleanroom, Dispensing. RJ2 Controller or RJ3 Controller
Fanuc P-250iA, Fanuc P250iA, P250 - Cleanroom, Dispensing, Paint Automation. RJ3iC Controller
Fanuc P-250iA/10S, Fanuc P250iA/10S - Dispensing, Paint Automation. RJ3iC Controller
Fanuc P-250iA/15, Fanuc P250iA/15 - Bonding, Sealing, Dispensing, Paint Automation. RJ3iC Controller
Fanuc P-250iA/15T, Fanuc P250iA/15T - Bonder, Sealer, Dispensing, Paint Automation. RJ3iA Controller
Fanuc P-500, Fanuc P500, P-500iA, P500iA - Paint Automation. RJ3iB Controller

AccuFlow, AccuChop, AccuAir, AccuStat, Integral Pump Control ICP, ServoBell and SpeedDock.PaintTool, PaintPRO, RoboGuide, PaintWorks, WinTPE.
ABB Tralfa TR-5000, ME5002, ME-502, TR5000, 5002, ME502 - Paint Robot. C5.3 Controller or C5.3B Controller.
ABB IRB 540, ABB IRB540, ABB IRB 540-12, ABB IRB540-12 - Paint Robot. S4P, S4P Plus, or IRC5P Controller.
ABB IRB 580, ABB IRB580 - Painting Robot. S4P Controller, S4P+ Controller, S4C, or IRC5 P Controller.
ABB IRB 52, ABB IRB52 - Painting Robot. IRC 5P Controller.
ABB IRB 5300, IRB5300 - Door Opener. S4C Controller.
ABB IRB 5400, ABB IRB5400 - Painting Robot. S4P, S4P+, S4C, or IRC5P Controller.
ABB IRB 5400-02, ABB IRB5400-02, ABB IRB 5400-03, ABB IRB5400-03 - S4P, S4P Plus, or IRC5P Controller.

ABB IRB 5400-04, ABB IRB 5400-04, ABB IRB 5400-12, ABB IRB5400-12 - S4P, S4P Plus, or IRC5P Controller.

ABB IRB 5400-22, ABB IRB5400-22, ABB IRB 5400-24, ABB IRB5400-24 - S4P, S4P Plus, or IRC5P Controller.
ABB IRB 5402, ABB IRB5402 - Paint Robot. S4P or S4P Plus Controller.
ABB IRB 5403, ABB IRB5403 - Paint Robot. S4P or S4P Plus Controller.
ABB IRB 5500, ABB IRB5500 Paint Robot. IRC5P Controller.

RAPID, RobView, Integrated Process System IPS, RobotStudio, simulation.


Sames TRP 500, TRP500, TRP-501, TRP501, TRP-502, TRP502, TRP-DP, TRPDP, single and dual head/purge spray gun,  PPH 707 SB bell, EC 35, EC 50, EX 65 Hi-TE, Range 7 Fiber Optic Bell Speed Control, BSC 100, BSC100, BSC 605, GN 3002 (GN3002) GN 4002 (GN4002), GN 5002 (GN5002), PPH707 test stand, etc.


EFC ES19NE, FS40R, EFC Mini Gun, EFC 100, UP 200 High Voltage Power Supply, etc.


ITW Ransburg RMA 202, RMA 303 Direct Charge Rotary Atomizer, RMA202, RMA303 Indirect Charge, Aerobell 33, Aerobell33, Evolver, Evolver SE, AGMD, REA 90, REA90, REA 900A, REA 9000W, AquaBlock, AquaTank, TurboDisk, AdaptaFlow, DynaFlow, RCS Gear Pump, RansFlow, PulseTrack, Etc.


Graco ProMix, Pro Mix 2KS, 3KS, 2KE, PrecisionMix, PMix, P-Mix, Precision Mix II.


Control Platforms Allen Bradley PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC-500, PLC3, PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix 1000-1100-1200-140-1500, CompactLogix 1768/1769, Controllogix 5000/1756, Schneider Modicon Quantum, Modicon Premium, Modicon M340, Momentum, Mitsubishi L Series MELSEC L, Q Sereis, Siemans SIMATIC S7 200-300-400-1200, Siemans LOGO, AutomationDirect Productivity3000, DirectLogic, CLICK, AC500, AC 500, OMRON NSJ-CJ2-CS1-C200HX-C200HG-C200HE-CS-CJ1-CJ1G-CP1-CVM1/CV, TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Data Highway, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, Modbus, CC-Link, Genius, Remote IO, WonderWare, Visual Basic, C++, RS Logix, RS View, FactoryTalk, ConCept, ProWorx 32, ProWorx32, etc.








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