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  - Paint Process Optimization

  - Paint System Audit

  - Paint System Specification

    a Paint Color Change Efficiency

    a Paint Shop Throughput

    a Paint Overspray Reduction

    a Paint Robot Integrator

    a Paint Finish Quality

    a Paint System Troubleshooting

    a Painting System Automation

  - Paint Supply & Delivery Systems

    a Dead Head Paint Supply

    a Recirculating Paint Supply

    a Flexible Colors Paint Delivery

    a Piggable Paint Supply System

    a Self-Flushing Paint Systems

    a Oil Free Paint Supply

    a Paint Sheer Reduction

    a Spray Booth Waste Collection

  - RoboGuide PaintPro Simulation 

  - ABB RobotStudio for Paint

  - Paint Flow Control

  - 2 or 3K Paint Dispensing Systems



Since 2008, our customers have created over a thousand jobs in paint finishing, opened new facilities, expanded existing ones, and brought millions in production back to the USA.  Improved paint finishing operations have added greater than $300 million to their businesses.  The average NAPaint project ROI is less than 5 months.  Annual benefit can exceed tens of millions.





NA Paint offers a low cost yet extremely powerful tool for paint shop engineers and management both to evaluate the operational efficiency of an existing paint application process and to improve it.   Audits are tailored to your needs and are completely impartial to existing paint application spray methods, equipment manufacturers, and paint suppliers.  Audits can focus on addressing current issues, evaluating operational efficiency, and improvements.  They can include,




  • Assess the efficiency and method of paint application.

  • Examine the sequence of painting for optimal performance and quality.

  • Estimate actual paint to part transfer efficiency.

  • Record the level of paint and solvent waste generated.

  • Assess the pre-finished parts quality and paintability.

  • Assess quality control issues.

  • Estimate the level and types of finish defects and probable causes.

  • Examine the uniformity of film builds.

  • Assessment of overspray patterns on booth equipment contamination.

  • Assess robot paint program efficiency.

  • Assess conveyor utilization, including speed and part density.

  • Assess production cycles and job sequencing efficiency.

  • Assess paint and solvent supply and distribution system efficiency.

  • Assess compressed air supply and distribution system efficiency.

  • Assess operator and labor efficiency.

  • Assess equipment utilization.

  • Assess process layout.




For a comprehensive analysis of the entire paint shop, we offer these additional audits.  Not only can they identify potential areas for improvement in each system, when viewed collectively, they can often identify the best and most economical methods for increasing paint shop productivity, quality, and operational efficiency.


These audits are:


Pre-treatment system performance evaluation.

Booth air velocity distribution and quality.

Supply and exhaust air unit performances.

Oven performance evaluation.





Our audits will also make use of relevant historical data, if available, such as defect and reject rates, maintenance records, and other such information that is useful to the audit process.


Once this data set is recorded, it will be analyzed and will provide the foundation for a comprehensive report on the operational efficiency of the system.  This report can include, but is not limited to, the following information.


1.  Estimation of actual paint to part transfer efficiency.

2.  Quantify levels of waste generated by respective processes.

3.  Identify finish defects, calculate defect rates, and examine probable causes.

4.  Establish part film build distribution profiles.

5.  Estimate existing system capacity, unit by unit.

6.  Estimate existing system utilization, unit by unit.

7.  Discuss existing system operational efficiency, unit by unit.

8.  Estimate operating costs.

9.  Estimate the cost of rework.

10.  Estimate the cost of scrap.

11.  Comprehensive discussion of all items listed above, under Paint Application System Audit.


Although different types of paint application systems often have similar processes, not all audit categories are applicable for every system.  For example, in manual spray applications, a part film build distribution model in most cases is meaningless.  Each audit must necessarily be tailored to an individual system and/or specific owner requests.  The results of this audit will be presented in strict confidentiality.  


Addendum to the audit, and based on our extensive knowledge of efficient and modern painting processes and technologies, NA Paint will identify those areas of your existing system where productivity, ecological, quality, or other economic improvements are possible and project the net gain in each area.  In this, our track record speaks for itself.  Most paint process we have optimized have realized 30 to 50% increases in operational efficiency.



does your PAINT SHOP measure up ?


Our audits identify and quantify specific areas for efficiency, productivity, or process control gains.  They support continuous improvement and Six Sigma.  Major opportunities can be identified in one day.  Depending on the system and scope, some audits can be quite comprehensive and require several days of on-site assessment.  Most data is acquired during production although further assessment during downtime is often necessary.  Our auditor requests the support of facility staff and management for the timely provision of information and assistance.


This service offers enormous potential value to North American businesses and their communities.  We also recognize that a healthy, efficient paint shop is good for your business and ours, and therefore make every effort to keep audit costs low.


If you value such an audit, contact us.  For even small paintshops, payback for our audits are generally measured in hours or days.  While on site, we can also document as-built system installation and provide for a very reasonable fee, quick turn-a-round on as-built pneumatic, affluent, or electrical drawings and flow schematics.








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