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  - Paint Process Optimization

  - Paint System Audit

  - Paint System Specification

    a Paint Color Change Efficiency

    a Paint Shop Throughput

    a Paint Overspray Reduction

    a Paint Robot Programming

    a Paint Defects Analysis

    a Paint System Troubleshooting

    a Painting System Automation

  - Paint Supply & Delivery Systems

    a Dead Head Paint Supply

    a Recirculating Paint Supply

    a Flexible Colors Paint Delivery

    a Piggable Paint Supply System

    a Self-Flushing Paint Systems

    a Oil Free Paint Supply

    a Paint Sheer Reduction

    a Spray Booth Waste Collection

  - RoboGuide PaintPro Simulation 

  - ABB RobotStudio for Paint

  - Paint Flow Control

  - 2 or 3K Paint Dispensing Systems






Since 2008, our customers have created over a thousand jobs in paint finishing, opened new facilities, expanded existing ones, and brought millions in production back to the USA.  Improved paint finishing operations have added greater than $60 million to their businesses.  The average NAPaint project ROI is less than 5 months.  Annual benefit can exceed $10 million.





The expense of operating a paint shop is heavy upon a business.  When inefficiencies occur, this cost can spiral quickly out of control impacting not only operating budgets, but also affecting product quality and customer relationships.  Moreover, an inefficient paint shop is a burden upon the environment.


If the infrastructure is in place, an efficient paint shop is not difficult to obtain.  Large capital expenditures are not required.  The conditioning of existing equipment and the implementation of efficient application techniques can have an immediate and enormously profitable impact on the business.  At one major automotive manufacturer, improved color change efficiency saved US$ 26 million annually!





To get the highest level of productivity and quality from your paint shop, it must be efficient.  North American Paint Applications can help you quantify the level of efficiency and assign a meaningful value to it. We quickly identify areas of improvement to productivity and operational efficiency. We offer a low cost comprehensive paint application system audit for this very purpose.  Some questions that we frequently seek answers to are listed up below.  You may well benefit from a review of them.


Do your robots sit idle during a job cycle or between parts ?

Does your conveyor stop often ?

Are there gaps on your conveyor ?

What is your level of conveyor utilization ?

Are your paint racks well designed ?

Is your system designed and applied with good fire safety practices ?


Does your process need continual manual supervision and adjustment for,

  • Drips, runs, sags, solvent pop, or color match ?

  • Uneven film build distribution ?

  • Light spray and no paints ?

  • Equipment positioning ?

  • System faults or equipment failure ?

Is the quality of your finished product reliable and consistent with customer requirements ?

Is the quality of your finished product better than the competition ?

Do you have excessive orange peel, low gloss, or color matching issues ?

Is your first time through reject rate less than 98% ?

Do you have to stop your paint conveyor because of,

  • Manual color changes ?

  • Waste removal ?

  • Cap or other cleaning ?

  • Changing totes ?

  • Changing filters ?

  • Or for any other reason ?

Is your conveyor speed limited for any reason other that oven curing requirements ?

Do you strip your conveyor every day ?

Is your production flexibility limited to certain product sequences ?

Is your equipment operating with high efficiency ?

Is your color change fast, reliable, and efficient ?

Do you have excessive overspray or paint build-up in the booth, on equipment, or on filters ?

Is your system flexible enough to support your production needs ?


Please browse our site.  It contains discussion on many subjects directly related to the application of paint in a manufacturing environment.  Operators and maintenance personnel alike may find them useful for planning, repairing, estimating, and analyzing your system.  Management may well deem some of these discussions helpful in making the right decisions for your business.








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