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Products & Services

  - Paint Process Optimization

  - Paint System Audit

  - Paint System Specification

    a Paint Color Change Efficiency

    a Paint Shop Throughput

    a Paint Overspray Reduction

    a Paint Robot Integration

    a Paint Finish Quality

    a Paint System Troubleshooting

    a Painting System Automation

  - Paint Supply & Delivery Systems

    a Dead Head Paint Supply

    a Recirculating Paint Supply

    a Flexible Colors Paint Delivery

    a Piggable Paint Supply System

    a Self-Flushing Paint Systems

    a Oil Free Paint Supply

    a Paint Sheer Reduction

    a Spray Booth Waste Collection

  - RoboGuide PaintPro Simulation 

  - Paint Robot Program Conversion

  - ABB RobotStudio for Paint

  - 2 or 3K Paint Dispensing Systems


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The gains in system performance were dramatic.    - Chris Twining, Director of Paint Operations, CSP

   Read the full article in Products Finishing Magazine



When People and Performance Matter . . .


Thanks for visiting NA Paint.  We have recently had an amazing opportunity to work with some really great teams at several of the largest facilities for an iconic US Fortune 100 company.  For more than 100 years, this company has led the world in the manufacture of agricultural equipment of the highest quality and performance.  But even after a century of excellence, when complex paint automation and related processes are the bottleneck, improvements in paint and other areas can have a tremendous positive impact on overall business performance.  Mad Money's Jim Cramer noticed.

NAPaint is very good at getting huge results and is uniquely the best resource in the world for new and seasoned paint automation.  Since 2007, we have achieved 100% of our performance improvement estimates.  When people and performance matter, or you just want to talk about getting the most from your operations:  Joe @ (708) 663-8705.


Downright Stunned    - Mad Money's Jim Cramer - Watch @ CNBC


NAPaint Offers Unparalleled Value


Since 2008, our customers have created thousands of jobs through improved paint finishing, opened new facilities, expanded existing ones, and brought millions in production back to the USA.  Improved paint finishing operations have added greater than $600 million to their businesses.  See some examples of the value we deliver thru our NAPaintShop Benefit videos.

North American Paint provides the most valuable paint automation support available anywhere, creating immediate, significant, and sustainable competitive advantage.  We help you maximize the whole investment return in your facility, minimize risk, and achieve real environmental benefit.  


The average NA Paint project ROI is less than 5 months.

Annual benefit can exceed can exceed tens of millions.


Life's Better Here    - Read @ Indiana's News Center


Creating Capacity and Competitiveness


Our core business is improving complex, high volume production paint line productivity.  This is achieved by increasing line yields, process efficiency, throughput, system reliability, and thru greater equipment utilization.   We create capacity and reduce operational cost to achieve quality finishing that increases competitiveness and profitability, exceeds your customers expectations, and opens new markets that fill your new capacity with new business 


Turn-Key Services For

Very Successful   - Quality Team Manager, Honda Mfg. of Indiana


Optimizing ABB and FANUC AdPro/Prime/BaseClear/Anti-Chip paint application systems.  No booth downtime or parts required.

Product Launch Support including rack design, robot programming, spray trials, and any level of production support.

Complete Systems Integration for robots, conveyors, washers, ovens, air houses, temperature and humidity control, air balance, sludge systems, all paint application equipment, paint supply systems, operator stations, touchscreens, displays, and command and control centers.

Web Based and smart phone supervisory control, data acquisition, real time systems monitoring, and database applications.

Total Paint Defect Analysis resolution, often immediately.

Low Cost Paint Audits that identify improvements and accurately estimate cost and benefit.

Operational Training so you can maintain your competitive advantage.

Quality finishing with high throughput and yields can often be significantly more profitable than lower throughput with higher paint transfer efficiency.


Welcome to NA Paint.  We make robot paint automation pay. Guaranteed.


Frequently, a small investment, not a capital investment, to apply efficient application processes and conditioning to existing equipment can have an enormously profitable impact on the business, literally overnight.  We specialize in the optimization of electrostatic and conventional industrial paint finishing systems and robot paint automation.  Our core service revolves around improving paint shop productivity and efficiency.  We design and specify the most efficient paint application systems available, large or small, with regard to purchase and installation cost and operational efficiency.  We excel at applying the most efficient technologies and methods to existing systems to significantly increase throughput, reduce costs, and improve quality.  We provide seamless, reliable systems integration.  Part rack designs and  paint robot programs are designed and quickly developed that take your productivity to new levels.  Our broad expertise in engineering, systems integration, troubleshooting, maintenance, service and repair of robotic paint systems is the best available. We are experts in electrostatic paint application system fire prevention.


We take the load off you, and uncertainty out of the process.


If done well and done right, the benefits of paint operational efficiency can be immediate and large.  Efficient part rack design and robot programming increase throughput, quality, yields, and uptime.  Less touch-up, repair, and finesse labor is required.  Paint usage and overspray are significantly reduced, lowering paint cost, material handling, waste generation and disposal, and VOC/HAP emissions.  Less repair eliminates double processing and achieves greater system utilization.  Booth maintenance from paint build-up is greatly reduced, as are equipment cover and filter changes.  Greater transfer efficiency reduces cycle times or allows more surface area to be coated within a cycle.


NA Paint services cover the greater field of paint application including servicing, troubleshooting, specifying, upgrade, design, engineering, controls, integration, supply, and support of all equipment and processes, existing and new.  Our support of ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, and Motoman robots with ITW Ransburg, Sames, or EFC application equipment is the best available.  We offer a paint system audit for a comprehensive assessment of paint system operational efficiency.  Our approach to paint defect analysis is turn-key; not only do we identify the source of paint spits, dirt, craters and fish-eyes, we eliminate them.  From reducing paint waste and minimizing painted scrap, to reducing paint overspray contamination, from inefficient manual or automatic color changes and costly system faults, to inconsistent fluid delivery, unreliable and inefficient process control, flooding turbines, robot crashes, or paint system upgrades, we support continuous improvement that will make your paint application system more efficient than the day it was installed, and often dramatically more so.  




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